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Carole Marsh is an entrepreneur, author, and founder of Gallopade International. She is the creator of Carole Marsh Mysteries, hundreds of other books series, author of thousands of titles, winner of numerous awards, and a Georgia Author of the Year.


Born in Marietta, Georgia, Carole was raised in Atlanta and is a "proud product of Atlanta's Public School System." She attended Henry Grady High during the Civil Rights Movement, the Kennedy assassination, and the Vietnam War. During those years, she discovered her passion for political science, history, and literature.


As a young, divorced mother, writing seemed the perfect job for Marsh. After beginning her career as a freelance writer, Carole soon started Marsh Media at her kitchen table. Her quickly growing list of clients loved that she wrote "high interest" and "plain English" so that everyone could understand the message they shared. Simply put, she wrote for fourth graders—what we each are when we learn something new.


Spending her days writing for others, Carole had the idea to create a book of her own, a children's mystery about her two children. "One book," she thought –– but a phone call in the middle of the night would change everything. A boy who read her book found her number and called to ask when the next story would be available. In the years that followed, Marsh would write over 100 educational and fun adventure mysteries for children.


Those first stories introduced a new chapter-book style, featuring real places with real kids as the lead characters, which was wildly popular with young readers who could imagine themselves in the story. She then expanded to other favorite topics: American history, African American history, and various books about the US states. Along with her new husband, Carole visited each state to conduct research, visit historical sites, take photos, purchase reference books, and learn about the places and people. 


The demand for books continued to grow, and Carole gave up Marsh Media to start Gallopade. Having helped their mom with her business growing up, after graduating from college and starting their own careers, her children rejoined her at Gallopade. Together they established a team of researchers, writers, artists, and other professionals passionate about education and helping children think for themselves.


Carole still approaches life as a "fourth-grader forever" – when our minds are at their most formative and electric, still eager to learn, share, and be challenged. She immerses herself in every experience to find joy, mystery, and inspiration­­­ in every person, place, and thing.  More than the awards and accolades received, Carole treasures the notes from parents and teachers sharing how a child's life was changed by her books, learning that they love to read, love to learn, or have discovered that they want to become an author themselves. ­­­


After more than 40 years, Carole is still writing new stories. In 2021, she created Gallopade Graphics to introduce a new graphic novel series that incorporates history and science to educate and entertain a new generation of young readers.

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1970 Founded Marsh Media Methods, Public Relations & Corporate Communications

1975 Communicator of the Year, Carolinas Association of Business Communicators

1979 Founded Gallopade Publishing Group (now Gallopade International)

1985 Author of the Year Salisbury, North Carolina Schools

2007 43rd Georgia Author of the Year, Georgia Writers Association

2007 Featured Author, Grand Opening, Ron Clark Academy, Atlanta, Georgia

2009 Author of the Year, Second Baptist Schools, Houston, Texas

2015 Founded Bluffton Books

2019 International Year of the Woman Lowcountry South Carolina Honoree

2020  Founded Carole Marsh’s Curriculum Lab and Studious Studios


2002 Learning Magazine Teacher’s Choice Award for the Classroom

2004 Learning Magazine Teacher’s Choice Award for the Family

2007 iParenting Media Award

2011 Learning Magazine Teacher’s Choice Award for the Classroom

2011 Learning Magazine Teacher’s Choice Award for the Family

2011 ForeWard Reviews Book of the Year

2012 Creative Child Magazine Book of the Year

2012 Creative Child Magazine Seal of Excellence

2013 Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Award

2013 Learning Magazine Teacher’s Choice Award for the Classroom

2013 ForeWard Reviews 2nd Place, Book of the Year

2013 Independent Publishers Association Benjamin Franklin Award

2013 iParent Media Winner Award

2013 Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Award

2013 Creative Child Magazine Book of the Year

2013 Academic’s Choice Smart Book Award Winner

2015 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards Pre-Teen Fiction Silver Medal

2015 Tybee Island Book Festival Children’s Chapter Book Award

2016 Tillywig Toy and Media Awards Best Family Fun

2016 Family Choice Award

2017 Reader Views Literary Award

2017 Academic’s Choice Award

2018 Teacher’s Choice Award for the Classroom

2018 Tillywig Parents Favorite Products Award

2018 Parents Picks Award, Best Educational Product for Kids


American Bookseller Association


American Library Association

ASCD (Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development


Association of African American Museums


Association of Partners for Public Lands


Association for the Study of African American Life and History


Association of Booksellers for Children


Association of Children’s Museums


Children’s Book Council


International Literacy Association


International Reading Association


National Association for Gifted Children


National Council for the Social Studies


National School Supply and Equipment Association


Museum Store Association


National Alliance of Black School Educators


Public Lands Alliance


Publishers Association of the South


Society of Children’s Book Writers


Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance

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